Productions and Special Events

The Mississippi Blues Mamas have provided musicians for Special Procuctions and Events.


 Hosted by Morgan Freeman, The Blessissippi Crossroads Concert featured pioneers in the music industry, some of the hottest acts on the blues scene and a series of short films shot during a philanthropic fact finding mission with founder and philanthropist Charlie Annenberg Weingarten. The concert benefited America’s Delta Blues Scholarship Fund. Peggy Brown and Carol Marble acted as booking agents and road management for the participating Mississippi musicians performing in the  Blessissippi concert.


Blues Mamas Management formed a Blues Revue of legendary Mississippi musicians who have lived the Blues and played the Blues. They handled booking, management, promotion and publicity for The Way of Blues Revue. The unique band headlined a major festival, played for regional festivals and performed at corporate events. The group showcased several “flavors” of Mississippi blues.

King Edward * Alphonso Sanders * Mickey Rogers * Bill HowlNMadd Perry * Rick Lewis

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